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Giampaolo Sgura for Vogue Germany August 2017 40

Explore the Dream "Fun of Fashion" Extreme ~ Fall 2017

Anna Cleveland, Birgit Kos & Yasmin Wijnaldum cover this high fashion extravaganza, by Giampaola Sgura for Vogue Germany, August 2017. All bets are off as this story captures the Chaos of Couture. This isn’t your grandma’s collective, rather, it’s a backwards view of forward fashion. Here we have it all. Provocative, powerful, artistic and real ~ we must crawl thro…

Anna Ewers by Giampaolo Sgura Vogue Germany July 2017 15

Anna Ewers Embodies Modern Mermaid in "Lights-Sea"

Anna Ewers emerges forth in “Lights-Sea” Story 1 by Giampaolo Sgura for Vogue Germany, July ’17. The mermaids long connection to the Heart of the Ocean were the Gems of the Sea ~ as all of life’s mysteries were waiting to be. I’ll dive to the bed and there I’ll find my soul’s retrieval… my love divine. For there upon the sea of light lies a mil…


Grace Elizabeth Lets the Water Wash Over Her, Camilla Akrans

Grace Elizabeth floats free in “H20” by Camilla Akrans for Vogue Germany, January 2017. Drowning in her daydreams she floats upon the lake, as water wades around her in this transient sort of state. Akrans takes us on a ride through our mind’s eye, traveling inside our imagination until our thoughts are set free. “Because rain diminishes sunlight, it creates h…


Issa Lish & Mali Koopman are but Bewitching in "Charmed"

Issa Lish and Mali Koopman are bewitching in “Charmed” by Emma Summerton for Vogue Germany, October 2016. Honoring the spirit of the great female painter, Gertrude Abercrombie, this story echos her unique thematic range. Wonderfully wicked, Summerton takes us on an enchanting trip through the cinema of sorcery. Patti Wilson matches the sparsely furnished interiors with …


Kendall Jenner is "So Schön so chic" for the New Cool Issue

Kendall Jenner is “So Schön so chic” in the New Cool issue shot by Luigi + Iango for Vogue Germany, October 2016. This “It Girl” can legitimately call this series a, Vogue Cover Run. Kendall is featured proudly this Fall, with a compilation of covers to include Germany, Japan and Australia with the crown jewel… The September IssueTom Van Dorpe brands this …

Vogue_Germany-January_2016-Vanessa_Moody-by-Giampaolo-Sgura-09 (1)

Say Goodbye 2015, Happy New Year

Vanessa Moody rides out the season right in shades of red by Giampaolo Sgura for Vogue Germany, January 2016. Fluidity is found in the musicality of fashion as emotions are expressed through lyrical movement. Christiane Arp bravely blends the liquid lines of flowing fabrics with the hard edges of cut leather. Diametrically opposed designs fly through the page, as red and black race do…

Afrik Art Vogue Germany December 2015

Riley Montana Captures the Beauty of Burma 'Afrikart'

Riley Montana leads the artistic movement in ‘Afrikart’ captured by Luigi + Iango for Vogue Germany, 12/15. An ode to the women of Burma. The virtuosity of modern craftsmanship for-tells a story as the texture of tenacity casts a spell. An avant-garde interpretation inspired by Africa’s rich, authentic garb. Fashion’s history is told in one of the most excitin…

frances-coombe-by-miles-aldridge-for-vogue-germany-october-2015-2 (1)

Miles Aldridge Celebrates the History of 'Hollywood Air'

Frances Coombe portrays actors of the craft in ‘Hollywood Air’ by Miles Aldridge for Vogue Germany, October 2015. Paying tribute to eras gone by, this story celebrates the history of Hollywood. Depicting five stars of stage and screen, Aldridge invites us to take a trip down memory lane. An ode to modern makeup, Maxine Leonard, captures the passion of purity with images t…

Giampaolo Sgura for Vogue Germany August 2015 74

Celebrate the Season of Change in 'Express Yourself'

Karlina Caune, Edita Vilkeviciute and Constance Jablonski celebrate the season of saturation, in ‘Express Yourself!’ by Giampaolo Sgura for Vogue Germany. Embarking on a new era, Fall fashion explodes in the form of modern art. This Collection uses the Symbolic Kraft of verbiage to capture the true meaning of haute couture. The tempo of trends erupt with designs that redef…

Edie Campbell & Olympia Campbell by Karl Lagerfeld for Vogue Germany 16

Cover Karl Lagerfeld

Edie & Olympia Campbell put family first in ‘Fleur De Nuit’ by Karl Lagerfeld for Vogue Germany, May 2015. Siblings unite, as Edie brings Olympia into the fold in this tale of sisterly love. Wrapped in satin covered in tulle the Art of Fashion embraces another century. Stylists, Christiane Arp & Lady Amanda Harlech, combine the grace of the gown with the fire of the female …

Vogue Germany - Februar 2015

Vanessa Moody 'Playing With Fire' by Camilla Åkrans

Vanessa Moody brings the heat in ‘Playing With Fire’ captured by Camilla Åkrans for Vogue Germany, February 2015. Flaming red fashion burns up the scene in this exquisite mix of Spring ’15 collections. From sizzle to see-thru, Nicola Knels sexes things up with an evocative array of sensual play. Avant-garde styles sink into the skin as haute couture wraps itself arou…

Nadja Auermann By Luigi + Iango For Vogue Germany 8

Nadja Auermann Sets Film on Fire in Vogue Germany

Nadja Auermann sets the film on fire in the Power of Style issue by Luigi + Iango for Vogue Germany, November 2014. Showing us how it’s done, this captivating creature comes out of the shadows & into the light. An agent of the avant-garde, Auermann stays sharp, with razor like looks that cut like a knife. Stylist, Patti Wilson, celebrates the future of fashion with Chanel, Dior, Giv