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Mathilde Brandi by Daniel Clavero for Vogue Ukraine September 2017 14

Mathilde Brandi Moves Like a Jaguar Over Jungle Floor

Mathilde Brandi moves like a jungle cat by Daniel Clavero for Vogue Ukraine, September 2017. This is a story about a girl caught up in the intrigue of ecstasy. Besot & bejeweled this bandit of beauty plays like a modern cat-burglar, sleek & slender she echoes the fluid movements of the jungle cat. Watching a jaguar slowly stalking over the jungle floor we await the beast to explode int…

anna cleveland vogue ukraine cover march 2017

Vogue Ukraine Embrace the Indulgence

Anna Cleveland embraces the era of indulgence in “1980s” by Yelena Yemchuk for Vogue Ukraine, 03/17. In an age of excess highlighted by an array of head-spinning styles, high fashion is the thing. This history is a haute one, as Julie Pelipas defines the times by using a variety of creative couture. This borrows from the famous big-shouldered look of the day, with body-con bulk th…


Anja Rubik Plays in Pure Plastic "Erotica" Tale for Vogue Ukraine

Anja Rubik arouses excitement in “Erotic” by Chris Colls for Vogue Ukraine, February 2017. A dark tale told in the light of day, with a dream like effect that will take you away. Stimulating images send us into another dimension. as Rubik comes in close, for shots that take us back to the age of 20’s erotica. This sassy story was built to highlight the idea of excess. Unlik…


Meghan Collison lets Succulence Drip off Lip "Colour of the Night"

Meghan Collison in “Colour of the Night” by Patrick Postle for Vogue Ukraine, December 2016. Beauty is all but a dream caught in a state of the extreme. Light filters through the aire, as paint slides down the face and art jaunts into another dimension. Up down and all around is the direction we will head… for never knowing where we’ll go will lead us to a drop dead show. C…


Enticing Senses Scream Out with Extent Letting Us Feel the Intent

Amanda Wellsh melts into the background by An Le for Vogue Ukraine, November 2016. Enticing our senses to such an extent it smells so sweet we can feel the intent. Strong in body and mind, this color indicates enthusiasm with the mantra for red being… I’ll Try Anything Once. Heat radiates off the page as seductive shades revel in rage. Olga Yanul styles with brilliance by blend…


Hana Uses the Body as a Palate "Painted in Colors" in Beauty

Hana Jirickova uses the body to articulate in “Painted in Colors” shot by Hunter & Gatti for Vogue Ukraine, August 2016. Body is the palate and paint is the guide, in this exquisite editorial that explores the art of expression. Primordial eccentricities evoke a sense of strength as we witness a woman finding her inner self. This is no story of wizardry, this is a tale of tr…

Vogue_Ukraine-February_2016-Alisa_Ahmannn-by-Ellen_Von_Unwerth-02 (1)

Alisa Ahmann Gets Her Studio Fix In "Muse of an Artist"

Alisa Ahmann gets her studio fix in ‘Muse of the Artist’ shot by Ellen von Unwerth for Vogue Ukraine, February 2016. Taking us back to a day of serendipitous play, Unwerth unleashes her inner beast in this saga of sensuality. Art speaks to the fluidity of fashion with looks that satisfy our need to explore. Stylist, Adele Cany, invites us into another era with evocative clothi…


Nadja Penetrates the Page Like a Panther on Prowl, Vogue Ukraine

Nadja Auermann penetrates the page like a panther on the prowl by Arcin Sagdic for Vogue Ukraine, February 2015. A captivating cover, she lights up the night sky with features that are fiercely feminine. A daring selection of modern art, succulent styles comes to bare in this radical ‘Reboot‘ of avant-garde fare. Olga Yanul brings the heat with Spring 2015 designs from Burb

elizebeth-erm-vogue-ucrania-dezembro-2014-driu-tiago-1771 (1)

Elisabeth Erm Celebrates Bright Lights of the Season

Elisabeth Erm celebrates the season of lights in this captivating cover-story by Driu & Tiago for Vogue Ukraine, December 2014. The sparkle of the stiletto speaks as Erm takes us from the studio to the streets. Fashion Editor, Olga Yanul, settles into a silver, studded dream with avant-garde styles by Alexander McQueenBalenciagaCélineLanvinRoberto Cavalli & S

Marina & Crystal by Dusan Reljin for Vogue Ukraine 1

Marina Abramović Brings Performance Art to Fashion

Marina Abramović and Crystal Renn are a match made in theatrical heaven by Dusan Reljin for Vogue Ukraine, August 2014. The brazen beauty of Abramović takes hold in this exquisite piece of modern art. Stillness speaks as the pain of our past seeps through. Working together, this matches one of our most powerful performance artists with a model of true inspiration. Fashion as a function …

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Lindsey Wixson Shocks Us in '90's Disco' by Jeff Bark

Lindsey Wixson shocks us senseless in ’90’s Disco’ by Jeff Bark for Vogue Ukraine, 05/14. A hyper-modern mix of color and creation, these looks come alive with a neon-nomadic rush of stylized wonder. A story that speaks to the tone of the time, (Stylist) Olga Yanul captures the vibe of the 80’s while still sending signals ahead. Blumarine, Prabal Garung, Prada, V…


Vogue Ukraine

Some people are so striking we only need to see one side to get the picture of perfection. Killing it in profile, Jessica Stam captures our attention in ‘Made In USA’ by Chad Pitman for the November 2013 issue of Vogue Ukraine. Wearing a collection of this season’s exciting new styles, Stam is electrifying, in a series of American made architectural designs artfully cura…