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Alasdair Mclellan For I-D Summer 2015 32

Embrace i-D Magazine's 35th Year Summer Celebration

Stella TennantEdie and Jean Campbell capture the power of pure cover-art shot by Alasdair Mclellan for i-D Magazine, Summer 2015. Saucy styles seen through the eyes of Alasdair. This photographer extraordinaire gives his talents to the entirety of i-D’s 35th Birthday Issue. A coming of creation, haute couture echos independence while still longing for a connection. Stylist…

Lily McMenamy 'Hang Out and Fall in Love' i-D Pre-Fall 4

Lily McMenamy 'Hang Out Fall In Love' Alasdair McLellan, i-D Mag

Lily McMenamy, Liam Gardner & Natalie Westling join together in ‘Hang Out Fall in Love’ a provocative piece by Alasdair McLellan for i-D Pre-Fall 2014. McMenamy seals the deal in this powerful series done in black and white. The sturdy vision of the sterile scenes set the stage, as the effects of nature take hold. Summoned to a state of unrest, I am taken to the point of no return…


Haute Hair Sculpture by Lisa Eldridge Vogue Italia Beauty

Sølve Sundsbø delivers the first of it’s kind of high fashion hair sculpture for the April issue of Vogue Italia. Finely tuned and artfully built, these conceptual creations combine the architectural elements of style/beauty, to form a masterful mix of molded manes and avant-garde ensembles. Models: Linn Arvidsson, Ashleigh Good, Chiharu Okunugi & Stina Rapp, are walk…