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Submerge to See Truth of Me... Art of Underwater Poetry

Submerged To See The Truth of Me ~ My Body Transferring Tranquility ~ What I Am Is the Who I Will Be ~ Words Moving through the Mind like Poetry. There is No Beginning… There is No End… There is Only The Transfer of Time… With Which We Can Transcend.


I will match my ear

with a lyrical tongue

with things thought out

and things undone

I’ll search in vain


Her Limbs Move Like a Melody Whispering in the Winds

Jennae Quisenberry by Emma Tempest for 10 Magazine March 2018.

Never beginning never ending her limbs are like a melody whispering in the winds. This is a story that captures that ever elusive time period that lingers between seasons. Balletic in stature poetic in pose. Every motion is utterly organic, as her body bends with the breeze, never forcing movement or fleeing from nature. She is one …