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Julia Banas by Ben Hassett for Vogue Italia 8

Julia Poses Like a Peacock Preening

Julia Banas brings forward a new brand of beauty in “Glowing in the purple rain” by Ben Hassett for Vogue Italia Beauty, 05/17. This may appear upon first glance like we’ve stumbled over a cash of new colors. That alone would be an exciting find. However, what we have are distinct tones used in new and exciting ways. That’s to say, while these aren’t exactly colo…

Vogue-Paris-September-2016-Anja-Rubik-by-Ben-Hassett-02 (1)

Beauty of Beguiling ~ Art of Extreme

Anja Rubik lives outside the lines in “La Fine Équipe” by Ben Hassett for Vogue Paris, September 2016. We witness this fearsome female with the spirit of a warrior, ready herself for a beauty battle. Fueling the heat behind her eyes, Hassett focuses in on the fury of Rubik’s fire. Looking straight into the camera, she gives us a wink; as two black horizontal lines cross ov…


Emily DiDonato Hides in Shadows Aches 4 Light

Emily DiDonato engages in the costume of change in ‘En Boucle’ by Ben Hassett for Vogue Paris, November 2015. The art of obscurity is captured in the click of a camera. Hiding in shadows aching for light, to camouflage beauty is a veiling of the night. Bright ignites an aura emanating from the center, with wild waves reaching all about. Golden lockes fill in the frame, rushing from t…