Posts featuring stylist Chabela Garcia

S Moda El Pais

Lindsey Wixson pulls out all the stops in ‘Especial Pelo’ by David Roemer for S Moda El Pais, 17th May 2014. Stylist, Chabela Garcia, takes us back in time with eye-popping fashions that speak to the energy of the era. The eyes tell a story with power shades that range from deep blue/dusty amethyst to burnt orange. A playful array of fun and folly, Maestro (Makeup Artist) Fredri

S Moda

Playing all sides, Heather Marks captures the rich complexity of the modern woman in ‘Explosión Natural’ by David Roemer for S Moda, 22 June 2013. Exploring “Natural Beauty” Roemer looks at the concept from a cultural level, allowing the exotic shades of sensuality to rise to the surface. While we’ve come to associate the idea with that of taking thing…