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Pat & Anna Cleveland Capture the Nuance of Chanel #5

Pat and Anna Cleveland share the stage in “Pat y Anna” by Greg Lotus for S Moda Magazine, 12/16. Too tight to fight, as we find ourselves lost in the bounds of familial bonds. Art exposes the nuance of the scene as the familial bond provides a visual escape. Mother and daughter meld together, while the similarities of the genetic code can not be escaped. Francesca Rinciari capture…

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Kasia Wears the Warpaint of Pride

Kasia Struss embraces the wonder of warpaint in ‘Pinturas De Guerra’ by David Roemer in S Moda, March 21, 2015. Springs descends with passion as each shot invites us into the fold. The shades of silences make their way as the facade of the fierceness comes to play. Ferocity found in the high-end fashion game of avant-garde art. This story takes us from the smoothness of color to …