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Tim Walker for i-D Creativity Issue 'dream your paintings, paint your dreams!' 4

i-D Dare "Dream your paintings, paint your dreams!" Tim Walker

Kiki Willems & James Crewe capture our imagination in “Dream your paintings, paint your dreams!” by Tim Walker for i-D Magazine, Spring/Summer 2017. Inspired by the artistry of a painter extraordinaire, Egon Schiele, a leader in the explosive art of Expressionism. Taking us to a new space. What was once considered a passive place has transformed into an active arena. …

Edie Campbell by Tim Walker for i-D Magazine Summer 2017 8

Punk Princess Pushes Past the Limits

Edie Campbell “transforms into a punk princess” by Tim Walker for The Creativity Issue, i-D Magazine, Spring 2017. The stranger the better, as this story celebrates the punk induced sub-culture of the 70’s. Creativity captures the mindset of the times, with styles that reach back into the era of the evocative. The theater of the streets come alive, as this editorial ho…

vogue homme italia 1

Stella & James Gender Blend into Infinite "boy/girl/boy"

Stella Tennant & James Crewe cross the line in “boy/girl/boy” by Tim Walker for Vogue Italia, July ’16. Art meets fashion in this tender take on androgynous allies. Born to be free ~ gender identification is abolished in this exquisite editorial that extinguishes the line between male & female. Playing the part, girl is boy and boy is girl, in a spinning tale of g…

Edie Cambpell by Tim Walker for Vogue Italia December 2015 18

Edie Campbell Plays Modern Day Alice "Check-Mate" Vogue Italia

Edie Campbell plays a version of Alice in Wonderland in “Check-Mate” by Tim Walker for Vogue Italia, December 2015. Walker imparts his genius by allowing us to feel as if we are looking down the rabbit hole. Madness conforms into high-fashion fun, as images are ingeniously captured from much-loved fairy-tale characters. Jacob K shows us the charisma of couture with styles that …

tim-walker-for-vogue-italia-december-2015-2 (3)

Karen Elson Feels the Real "Disco Jockey" Tim Walker

Karen Elson delivers a playful take on art of the 70’s in “Disco Jockey” by Tim Walker for Vogue Italia, 12/15. Standing in front of a naked wall all would seem empty if it weren’t for the talent of Mr. Walker. Having taken over the reigns, his vision has allowed the magazine to truly flourish. Sophisticated shots capture each twist like a waning doll on a Sunday tryst…


Kate Moss Rides High "Beauty and the Beast" Vogue It.

Kate Moss takes the concept of equine fantasy to another level in “Beauty and the Beast,” captured by Tim Walker for Vogue Italia. This stunning stallion is one of the only creatures in the animal kingdom that comes close to the majesty that is Moss. The art of the equine comes to bare, with Kate laying flat on her torso limbs extending out, as the bronco bucks up on its hind legs. Jacob


Moody Mist of Mourning Light 'Rebel Riders' by Tim Walker.

Anna Cleveland, Christina Carey, Erin O’Connor and Jamie Bochert ride the moody mist of mourning light in ‘Rebel Riders’ by Tim Walker for Vogue Italia, 12/15. A foursome of fearsome females make their way across the countryside, in one of the most exquisite editorials ever produced. Fluid imagery plays off the page like a silent movie set to project. Jacob K delivers an ode …


Cate Blanchett Finds Herself On Far side of Moon in W Magazine

Cate Blanchett finds herself on the far side of the moon in “A Rose Without Thorns” by Tim Walker for W Magazine, December 2015. All the Worlds a Stage and All the Men and Women Merely Players. An impersonator of truth, Cate invites us to view otherworldly beauty. Finding herself on the surface of the moon, she flies high in this atmospheric phenomenon that perils possibility. Styl…

Saoirse Ronan 'Queen of Hearts' Tim Walker for W Magazine

Plays Her Part in the "Queen of Hearts"

Saorise Ronan takes on a dramatic new part in the ‘Queen of Hearts’ by Tim Walker for W Magazine, November 2015. The stars lined up in perfect synchronicity for the arrival of this captivating creature, anointed Saorise (pronounced Sear-sha) Una Ronan. A distinct name that doesn’t only carry a unique sound but also brings with it a poignant meaning. Saoirse translates …

Kate Moss 'Women of Style' By Tim Walker For Vogue Italia September 2015 4

Kate Moss Succumbs to a New State 'Women of Style' Vogue It.

Kate Moss succumbs to a new state in ‘Women of Style’ by Tim Walker for Vogue Italia, September 2015. Walker wields his magic wand as we find ourselves lost in another world. In a rush of fashion must, Moss is outfitted in authentically inspired designs. The art of decadence is learned as the act of defiance is spurned. Torn between who we are and what we should become. Walker dares to …

Paolo Roversi 'Haute Couture' Vogue Italia September 2015 8

Fall Beauty Simmers Under Heat of 'Haute Couture' Vogue Italia

Anna Cleveland & Molly Bair simmer under the heat of ‘Haute Couture’ by Paolo Roversi for Vogue Italia, 09/15. Art ushers in a new era as modernity is made from the vast comings of creative couture. Pictures appear like portraits as Greta VarleseKasia JujeczkaLineisy Montero & Marjan Jonkman wait to be hung. Stylist, Jacob K, pays tribute to the past whi…

Saskia De Brauw by Paolo Roversi Vogue Italia Couture Supplement Issue 12

Saskia de Brauw Stuns in 'É alta moda' Vogue Italia Haute Couture

Saskia de Brauw is locked away in a dark hole of decadence in É alta moda’ by Paolo Roversi for Vogue Italia, Haute Couture Supplement. The theater of operatic fashion is in session with dramatic costumes that exude eminence. Saskia performs solo as she puts on a one woman show in silence. Stylist, Jacob K, brings Dolce & Gabbana Alto Mode to life with a magnificent blend of defia…