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Anna Cleveland Embraces the Change "Viva La Resistance"

Anna Cleveland is part of a new revolution in “Viva La Resistance” by Jean Baptiste Mondino, Hunger Magazine #12 2017. To calibrate the contention of chaos one must be willing to rise up and take part. Anna invites us to witness this story from a unique vantage point. The circle of truth is told… for what is forward is always seen backward and what is ahead is always viewed from …

King Kong Mag with Hannah Bennett in 'Phobophobia' 4

Hannah Bennett Faces Her Fears "Phobophobia" for King Kong

Hannah Bennett faces her fears in “Phobophobia” by Dima Hohlov for King Kong Magazine, Issue #2, A/W 2016. A fusion of phobic fears and photographic fantasy, this story delves deep inside the human psyche. A compelling take on the art of the unknown. Dealing with everyday anxieties – in the form of phobias – can lead to a disorder. For many people the first step is de…

Karolina Waz by Saga Sig for S Magazine

Fashion Future is Now 'In Your Eyes' by Saga Sig

Karolina Waz in ‘Eyes on You’ by Saga Sig for S-Magazine The Youth Issue. Celebrating the future of fashion, HungerTV is featuring the cutting-edge work of pioneering designer Peiran Gong as part of their ongoing effort to elevate the industry. Curated by Kim Howells & Rankin, the progressive piece speaks to the power of possibility. Firmly entrenched in the Neo-Pop mov…