Posts featuring stylist Rachel Gilman

Chroma Wheel by Jason Kim for 5

Fly Hi in Face of Exotic Beauty Birds

Hanne Van Ooij rides on high in the “Chroma Wheel” by Jason Kim for A mesmerizing mix of art and color. Like a preening peacock showing off it’s wings, her eyes rise to meet the light. Hanne’s face gives off great expressions, emoting like a creature of flight. Morgane Martini creates a wingspan that covers the lids and beyond, capturing the illusion of fl…


Sarah Abney ~ Caught in an "Under Current" of Couture

Sarah Abney is “Under Current” by Matthew Priestley for The Impression Vol. 2, Spring 2017. In the interest of art and excess we make concessions for what we can’t see. We imagine we’re in another world where opposites not only attract they attack. Leaving us in the center of strange… we find that we’re transcending the stairway of change. A transforma…

Jazzelle Zanaughtti by Andrew Yee for 22

A Silver Stare Reflects Resplendence

Jazzelle Zanaughtti projects forth a picture of future, in “Gilded Glory” by Andrew Yee for The intensity of her state isn’t merely the makeup of her face, rather, the excess emanating from her being is that of a higher plane. Looking into the pools of her eyes we’re lost in the immaculate creative conception. Like a creature from another planet her exot…