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Upon these Lands Sweet with Soil, Slimi; Cultural Issue

Grace Bol becomes one with her surroundings by Jason Kim for Slimi Magazine Culture Issue. Bol’s uncommon beauty breaks by dawn and sets by dusk, as we experience her calming nature saturate each page. Each shot connected to the earth through the power of her personal energy. Her arms extend out like an angelic figure in waiting. She is a picture of pure poetry… a creature of creativity. The bright light touches the high points of her face, acting like a photo-enhancement. 

A Story Told in Sartorial Surprise "Fight, Flight, Unite"

Anok floats down the sky-stage of life in “Fight, Flight, Unite” decked out in Maison Margiela Artisanal, designed by John Galliano. Like a stage show come to life, this story was shot by Willy Vanderperre for AnOther Magazine, AW20. A beautiful blend of art/excess showcases humanity in it’s most poetic place. To be both in an above this tells a tale of the tumult of love. The edges are strong the middle is soft what’s left to divulge but the heart is aloft. 

Mirror Mirror On the Wall Who's the Fairest of Them All?

Léa de Wouters goes through a multiple metamorphosis in ‘Transformers’ by DOMEN & VAN DE VELDE  for Mirror Mirror Magazine, June 2020. What Cover the Face Does Not Erase… The Truth the Lies Beneath Our Cries. The craft of the haute couture is put to task in this exquisite editorial designed to defy the magical eye. The art of morphing takes new shape as Yvonne Nusdorfer & Joeri Rouffa allow their talents to meld. 

Don't Do What They Think ~ Dare to be Daringly Distinct

Jasmine Jessica De Pretto embodies the art of future fashion in ‘Bad Romance’, creatively detailed by Alan Gelati for L’Officiel Singapore July 2020. It’s so exciting to see a proper editorial excursion in the face of the Pandemic. I am not one to minimize the seriousness or carelessly abandon our duty as citizens. However, as we continue down this ‘Road Less Traveled’ I believe we must honor creative needs. 

Africa Finds Her Heart is at Home 'Todo Queda En Casa'

Africa Penalver finds her heart at home in ‘Todo Queda En Casa’ by Txema Yeste for Vogue España, July 2020. Finding beauty in the banal. This story aims to export the idea of boring, by viewing the, so called, ordinary aspects of human life through an abstract lens. Reexamination requires that we not only look from a new view, but that we see things through a new hue. Things that bring us to a place of pure potential. 

Ling Chen Floats to Find Center of Self in 'Water Flight'

Ling Chen floats to find the center of self in ‘Water Flight’ by Primol Xue for Vogue China, July 2020. High fashion is fused with fury, in this fluid form of avant-garde aquatica. What secrets lay beneath the surface? Gracing us with an image of her sunken skin. She lays in the pool, her face reflected on the water’s edge. Poetry in non-motion. Half-submerged, a full shot is mirrored back. 

Celebrate Artistry of Gender Identity and Sexual Fluidity

Anja Rubik & Ibrahim Kamara bring Gender/Together in boundary-busting co-production, by Harley Weir for Vogue Italia & L’Uomo Vogue, May 2020. Like a Dream Inside a Dream… she sees herself through the midnight eye… soaring in one o’er the sanguine sky… like a moonbeam reaching in lunar delight… flying ever fluidly across the great divide. The force of impetus with the will to survive… will forever honor her plight to thrive. 

Listen... Listen... U Will Hear Truth Not Far but Ever Near

Thais Borges wears her feelings on her sleeve (so to speak) by Carlos Teixeira for Vogue Portugal May/June 2020. Pain Reveals as Time Does Heal… That the Winds of Change Will Blow Again. Sitting in the shadows of self the light invites us to breathe. This is a story of regrowth. Of personal development. Of coming into our own as we have been sheltered in the shadows of self. This has been a time of real change. 

Alt Asks: What If We Were to Dream in 'Et Si On Rêvait?'

Gigi Hadid, Rianne van Rompaey, Bella Hadid & Vaughan Ollier ask What if We Were to Dream in ‘Et Si On Rêvait?’ by Inez & Vinoodh for Vogue Paris, May/June 2020. A palate of pretty a face we can’t forget. Feeling our way. We forgo the idea of average in an effort to fly. High above the plateau. If only for a moment. Take my hand and we will soar. Emmanuelle Alt dares to dream, at a time I can’t think of anything more potent. 

Maggie Maurer Walks through Walls of Ethereal Beauty

Stretch your arms around fear and strife welcoming in the many colors of life. Maggie Maurer finds within herself a festival of light in the “Carnival” by Elizaveta Porodina for Numéro Netherlands 02. Not limited by the virtues of learning, we find ourselves free to search the past without being fenced in by our future. Elizaveta is on a quest of theatric discovery, imploring her readers to explore.