Good Bye to an Era!

Let’s get one thing out of the way.  I am not a “Johnny-come lately”.   I have been obsessed with the franchise since the beginning.  I am a hard core circa ’98 fan.  I still remember the pilot episode with giddy fondness.  The series had a nuance that was so gritty and real that every fashionista from Manhattan to L.A. drank in the style and became instant converts to the world of Sex and the City.  Overnight a new breed of little Carries were born, and I’m not embarrassed to admit that I was one of them.  Carrie Bradshaw will always be one my favorite alter egos.

10+ years later and Sex and the City gave us six great seasons of endless amazing fashion, wicked satire, steamy sex, one great movie that satisfied our lust for both style/romance – and now this.  A sad and truly disappointing detour on the exciting adventure that was New York’s Sex and the City.

As I sat in the theater opening day I will admit that I didn’t have high hopes.  I wasn’t sure what more I needed from these 4 amazing women.  If I was going to be honest part of me wanted to preserve Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte in a very chic bubble of time.

There was no denying the 1st movie was already pushing the envelope with regard to age and relevance.  At times I could almost feel the lighting director’s pain, struggling to find a way to shoot these women in a way that didn’t just pay homage to the four sexy fashionistas that defined an era, but actually resembled them.

Carrie In Dior

I’m not trying to be harsh or unforgiving – I myself am not in my 20’s, but there is something about these four characters that deserve protection.  You can’t ask us to delight in the fantasy of Style that Patricia Field created, accompany Carrie and Co. on their fairy tale adventures,  then expect that we will quietly sit by while you turn Samantha – one of the strongest characters in television history –  into a sniveling whiner rambling on about menopause.  It’s not going to happen!


By the time I watched the four women dress up in garb and engage in incredibly “low brow” pathetic schtick – the kind I had always just assumed Carrie Bradshaw was immune to – I found myself way past disappointed and somewhere in the vicinity of mourning.  It was over.  The end of a tantalizing, inspiring, sexy, creative era……       It was over……        And this wasn’t how it was suppose to end!