tremor worthy trends



What is a trend tremor you might ask.  Well it is a very organic event that takes place inside every little fashion junkie when they see an amazing new trend seducing them from a lengthy editorial spread, beautiful window display, or an episode of some delicious show pimping the hot new spring looks and the amazing designers who created them.  Tremors are the uncontrollable reaction to something you don’t just want to look at, you want to devour.  It’s so exciting that in that first moment it seems like it can change your whole life  – of course it can’t – but holy S**t it can sure feel that way.  It’s the allure of experiencing something new and the enticement of the unknown.  I know I know a little mellow dramatic, but it’s a wicked high.  Most of us fashion junkies live for it, it pumps us up with adrenaline and sends us off with a little motivation – sure it’s short lived – but it never fails to excite.