girl crush of the week

editorial spread 4 vogue – hot hot hot

It was a no-brainer picking Blake Lively as this week’s girl crush winner.  I’ve been crushing on her and her ever evolving style for a couple years now.  She just has that thing.  That intangible, indescribable, inescapable THING.

She is perfectly imperfect!  Her features dare to ask the onlooker to go deeper, look harder, imagine the possibilities and abandon the average.  Because Blake Lively is anything but average.  She exudes an innate style that just screams ‘icon’, yet doesn’t beg for our approval.  She’s stands apart from her peers and does so without conceit or ego – and thus she stands out.
A true star.  They can’t be made, they just are.  Those qualities that so many try to manufacture just come effortlessly for some and Blake is just one of those gems.  I predict she will only become more amazing as her ‘star potential’ is realized, allowing us to witness the beautiful journey.  Good luck and congratulations on being chosen as fashionCOW’s 1st choice for GIRL CRUSH OF THE WEEK.