Beauty -Make August your month 2 b brave and try something new.  Just because screaming Flamingo Pink isn’t your perfect shade or Canary Yellow eyeliner makes you look more jaundice than chic – don’t worry you can still have a little fun and enjoy the current colors – from Runway Trends to Magazine Spreads learn how to incorporate these exciting looks into your routine.

I’ve had alot of practice with finding ways to make the extreme work for me.  I am an artist at heart and have the soul of an alternative hipster – but I can’t exactly pull that off straight out-of-the-gate.  So I’ve found that with a little patience and ingenuity you can enjoy the hint of color without drowning in it – or you can allude to a trend with out screaming it from the rooftop.  It’s the art of subtlety and nuance.  I’ll admit I was blessed with pretty big lips – and alway wanted to be that girl who could buy that perfect chanel diva red shade and form a  perfectly pasted pout – but my fair coloring just wouldn’t allow for that kind of liberty, so I always felt leftout when certain trends would make there way around.

It wasn’t ’til I was lucky enough to work with some really avante-garde makeup artists and stylists that I learned that I didn’t need to be so boxed in by my lack of pulling off the extreme and I could get to work on mastering the many tricks of the trade.  Before I knew it I found ways to make any runway trend work 4 me. So come with me as I teach you a few tips from the chapter in my Beauty Book called ‘ The Beautiful Fake’.