“It’s almost like a story caught in 1 image” Keira on shooting fashion v. film  –  BTS look @ the famous September issue shot by Mario Testino.

This is no ordinary GirlCrush week – I am a hard-core Keira Knightley fan.  She is in my Top 5, and I trust the significance of that it will not be lost on those who follow and appreciate my weekly GC column.Last Week Keira Continued her reign as the “Face of Chanels’ Coco-Mademoiselle Fragrance” appearing on the streets of Paris shooting the follow up to her seminal 2007 Chanel commercial.  Filming shot @ the Place de la Concorde where Karl Lagefeld had designed a truly eye-catching nude-toned jumpsuit, adding to the allure, as it matched perfectly her helmet and the ultra-sexy Ducati Motorcycle she rode for the day.  Keira embodies every character she plays, I look at one image of her sitting on a bike and she is so compelling and transcendent I am immediately transported to another place and captured by the story she’s telling.  She is so much more than a pretty face.  Keira Knightley is one of the greatest actors of her generation who just happens to be blessed with beauty beyond comprehension.  So let’s not try to understand it, let’s just enjoy the arc of her career path and all of her artistic/creative endeavors.

Check-out this amazing article from Refinery 29 – Keira Knightley’s makeup artist shares some of her best makeup tips – very cool.