Project Runway: clothes fit for a vagrant

This Week’s Darkly Humorous Musings on Project Runway

By Contributing Author:  RS SINGER

Excerpts From: Clothes Fit For a Vagrant

this week asking us to take a closer look at the ridiculous conditions under which Project Runway’s so called “challenges” take place…


“I just can’t see a head to head competition in design, run like a 100 meter dash.  It doesn’t make sense to pick a winner based on how fast he or she can sew or how fast he or she might come up with any kind of idea.  It’s more a competition in stress management and self control than choosing the next Armani.

Maybe next year they’ll have a contest between supermodels to see who can lose the most weight in a week.  Special points will be given to the model who vomits the most and more points for the most ribs showing”.


Enjoy this unique look at the Reality Hit Series Project Runway

Written By:  Contributing Author RS SINGER

Excerpt from Project Runway: clothes fit for a vagrant

“I don’t see any Coco Chanel’s in these poor souls.  Actually, even if there was I don’t think it would show in this kind of setting.  Creativity is unlikely to be nurtured in an environment of stress and negative feedback.  Neither is some great new concept in designing clothes likely to occur on the first try.  Designing clothes is not done with formulae and scientific principles, nor does it naturally follow years of yearning to be the next great name in clothing lines”.


more to come….