Chanel’s Spring Makeup 2011 – The Next Evolution in Beauty

I predict the eyebrows are going to disappear.

I think we are heading toward a beauty trend that will see the eyes being played up with strong-deep bold colors.  The exciting twist will be that the colors are going to extend way past the eye-crease where the illusion will be that the eyebrows are gone (or very light).  The result will be that the eyebrow bone will create the lines and give the face a whole new shape.  Although this look has mostly been seen on Runways and editorial spreads, I see it heading in a more mainstream direction.  The look is very other-worldly, but can be really beautiful and exciting when done well.  Although it may sound daring – remember that there are many ways to edit a new trend to make it more commercially palatable.

So as I read all the great write-ups and tutorials on the Chanel Spring 2011 amazing smokey-eye look, I was surprised that more people weren’t seeing that Karl Lagerfeld and his team were definitely heading in that direction with their dynamic choice of makeup for the catwalk.  It sounds crazy that a look featuring no eye-brows can look so cool – but that’s what is so enticing about the artistry of fashion.  Someone had the vision to develop this look and take it from scary 2 chic. The best way to highlight a perfect smokey eye is with a nice clean matte face, a soft baby pink/peach blush or bronzer and a lip that is about 2-3 shades darker than your natural lip color.