America’s Next Top Model – Final 4

Tonight marks the beginning of the end and the girls last chance to step ahead of the pack as they find themselves vying for the attention of editor-n-chief of VogueIt, followed by a chance to shoot a video editorial with 1st time director Tyra Banks.  Chelsea, the girl with modeling experience – but a little long in the tooth – came out with guns blazing and really put on a show.  Anne, the 6′ shy girl with glasses did her best to “put on the sexy” and did ‘capture the couture’ in her unique way.  Jane, the girl with bone structure 2die4, really stood out with her stunning beauty.  And finally Kayla, the cool lesbian was the only real actress in the group and brought a fresh breath of believable to the  mix.  In the end I thought the whole thing came off very amatuer and lackluster (probably more of a commentary on Tyra’s directing skills than the modeling).

But I just gotta say it –  in my day we could have blown the roof off these girls – sorry but we had mad skills and bringing the creative was never a problem.

Anyway after muuuuuuch deliberation the “panel” choose Chelsea (the corn-fed Blondie) and Anne (the 2tall geek) to go on the next weeks’ finals.  I was a little surprised they let Jane go, but she’ll pick up an agency in a minute.  And Kayla, the feisty redhead lesbian, will rock-it as a model/advocate.

2B Strickly honest I don’t have that much invested in this season – but we’ll do a wrap-up next week.  Who do you want to take it????  Check us out on Facebook!!!