Anja Rubik’s Spanish Vogue is “Muy Caliente”

When one of the best fashion photographers combines with one of the hottest models-of-the-moment there is only one possible outcome – Editorial Perfection.  Alexi Lubormirski’s March 2011 Cover of Spanish Vogue captured Anja Rubik in all her stunnning beauty.

While Lubormirski’s cover was an all-out celebration of fashion/glamour, it was his editorial spread that was a deliciously-debacharous nod to 70’s chic.  I don’t know that I’ve ever seen a nude male model used in such a way to elevate rather that detract from the over-all imagery and direction of the layout.  There is absolutely nothing lewd or lascivious about these images, and moreover I find them to be truly empowering statement for women.

I am moved by the Art of Fashion and dedicate much of my blog to honoring the artists that continue to push-limits and ask us to reevaluate our own conceptual system.  It doesn’t always have to be the extreme avant-garde pieces that shift our sensibility.  Bravery/Honesty exists in the creative excellence found in a diversity of genres.  And for me, Alexi Lubormirski’s work exemplifies that excellence.

This is true escapism.  The candid nature and high-octane pulse of sex/style, mixed with the wicked flavor of the 70’s makes me want to crawl inside the pages and experience the “Glamourous Life” he’s created.

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