Nicole Conquers the Cover – Russian Harper’s Bazaar

I am Completely Obsessed With March 2011 Harper’s Bazaar featuring Nicole Richie on the cover.  Continuing to stretch her designer wings, Nicole currently has two collections available;  click-here for Winter Kate and House of Harlow .

Evident in her pieces is a sophistication that was betrayed by her early years on “The Simple Life“.  I started taking notice of the New Nicole in 2010 when she did a fabulous, high-style editorial spread for InStyleUK.  It was clear then she had turned a corner.  Leaving behind the sloppy Paris Hilton Days, having dealt with her drug/legal issues, and conquering her eating disorder demons – Nicole Richie had emerged a new woman.

It isn’t easy to reinvent yourself in Hollywood, but she has a quality (a frailty & sweetness) that engenders support.  In the middle of a personal storm that could have permanently reduced her to just another cautionary tale, Nicole embraced her new role(s) as young mother, entrepeneur and survivor.

These new Kitchy High-Glamour images from Russian Bazaar show just how far she has come.  Looking like a modern version of a Cool-Hitchcockian Blonde, Nicole embodies the glamour of the 50’s era Film Stars.  I think we might be looking at a future fashionCOW GirlCrush.