America’s Next Top Model

America’s Next Top Model is back with a whole new batch of bitchy (wannabe models).  As usual Tyra & Co. are desperately trying to appear ahead of the fashion-curve by, “Putting as much focus behind the scenes – as in front”.  And while anyone who has the tiniest interest in fashion knows these kind of candid-shots have been done since Isaac Miszrahi’s UNZIPPED became a cult-fave, Tyra acts likes she’s got her finger on the edgiest of the cutting-edge – SAD.

Anyway, there are a few interesting faces in the mix.  I’m drawn to the dark, exotic beauties Mikaela and Monique and I’m hoping they continue down a high-concept avant garde path.  This week the girls did beauty shots with hundreds of bees swarming around them.  I was impressed with how most of them dealt with it – I would have been rocking in a corner.  But in the end 2 girls packed their bags.  One girl due to personal issues – and the other due to photographing Old (ouch).