Katy Perry’s “Neon Chic” Explosion

Katy Perry has been hyping us up for her forthcoming single “E.T.”, dropping teaser clips of the accompanying video, and images of the artwork.  Although I dig Katy Perry’s music I wouldn’t categorize myself as a hard-core fan.  I haven’t been losing any sleep waiting for the song to drop, however, when these avant-garde images were leaked I went a little crazy.

If you read this blog you know I am Completely Obsessed With the “Art of Fashion“, so much so, I’ve devoted and entire category to helping expose the Digital Masters of our time.  And although I was captured by the dream-like quality of these images and the other-worldy dimensions of the Amazing Makeup, I was also truly inspired.  This Spring is all about “Neon Chic”.  As as I predicted last year in my article featuring “Chanel’s No-Brow Look“, the eye-brow’s new shape may-be no shape at all.  Designers have been flirting with bleached-out brows or brows that seem to disappear into the makeup for many Seasons – and it never fails to excite me.

And I realized that Katy Perry’s over-the-top alienesque make-up actually runs rather parallel to the up-coming trends of Spring, and there-for brings this out-of-the-world look right back to earth.  I think we are going to see risky shades of neon-blue and teal-green used unexpectedly on lips or high on cheek-bones, and unique shades of pale to make the eyes pop in a whole new way.  Take a moment and dissect this imagery and imagine new ideas that might work – when toned down – with the fabulous new color direction of this Spring/Summer.