Maddona & Lourdes Let the Fashion DNA Fly


Arriving at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party

This is the single most impactful image of the entire Oscar Night Extravaganza.  I was seriously struck by the magnitude of this image.  I believe we were witness to Lourdes’ Coming-Out Party (so2speak).  This isn’t just another Wrap-it Slap-it Put-it-2-bed Red Carpet moment, I think we are watching the Style-Torch being passed.

I know as the daughter of the Anointed one, Lourdes has taken baby-steps toward her inevitable “Style Destiny”, but this night was different.  This wasn’t the – Macy’s Material Girl – with too many layers and too many bad choices.  Her hair/makeup were flawless and her dress, fabulous.

Although it’s clear that Lourdes has always been obsessed with fashion, I was never overly impressed with her style.  It was basically a hodge-podge of teenage trends with a little 80’s glam thrown in for good measure.  But this is different, she is in control of her look, which allows her to stand next to Madonna and still shine.

If Madonna is your mother, you either stand-out or get left in the shadows.  And compellingly only the daughter of the Ultimate Style-Icon could manage such a feat.

I just love that Madonna is looking so over-the-top edgy & Lourdes so sleek and glamorous…. A True Fashion DNA Explosion!!!