Out Mag’s Love Issue with Vintage Madonna

Let’s get this out-of-the-way, at fashionCOW.com we high-octane super-love OUT Magazine.  And I think it’s beyond fab that in their words they are, “dedicating our entire April issue to the women who inspire, scandalize, educate, and excite us — in a different way than they excite the other boys”.  That’s just too good!

And leave it to this prolific Pop-Culture Magazine to come up with such a high-spirited, high-concept idea and then for the cherry-on-top offer (for the first time) Dual Covers.  It would be an obvious choice to feature Madonna & Britney Spears on a story that was celebrating the creative and iconic women of the last few decades – but it’s absolutely brilliant to ask us to step back in time and look forward through that lense at the current artists we love.

Of course, I’m doing a little trip nostalgia – thinking about Madonna back in the day, but even if you were just an embryo back then – I think this will be exciting.

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