The Power of a Princess

We’re already witnessing the Fashion Power of the future Princess of Whales.  Like her predecessor (and would be Mother-in-law) the late “Princess Diana”, Kate Middleton has just begun to tap her influential power as a FashionForce.

We all watched, with baited breath, as she navigated her way through the shark-infested fashion waters during her engagement announcement and all the required public appearances.  Watching to see if she possessed the style/grace of Diana, we’ve been obsessed with her every sartorial choice.

Her acceptance as a future Style-Icon was clear when the Issa dress she wore to announce her engagement sold out in mere hours, and within a day made that designer a house-hold name.  That’s Power.

And now the House of Burberry has felt the same “Kate Effect“.  Clearly this luxe brand isn’t in need of the same publicity, but I can’t imagine it hurts having people desperate to get their hands on your Trench.

Kate Middleton’s Short/Tradition Burberry Trench (with a simple peplum flare) from their Spring 2011 Collection, has been completely sold-out, and has attracted a huge waiting list of “Kate Wannabees” willing to pay over $1000.00 to feel like a princess.

Burberry Spring/Summer RTW 2011 Runway