Kate Moss & Lea T. by Mert & Marcus for LOVE Magazine

I am so Obsessed with the current issue of LOVE Magazine, not the least of which is because Mert & Marcus have managed to capture Kate Moss in a critically-divine way.  The way I will always envision her and they way she was meant to be photographed, exuding a captivating combination of hard and soft.  And indefinable quality that makes her, her.

When I saw the 1st cover issued with Kate kissing Lea T., I was dancing on the inside because I think Kate has so much more to give us artistically and I was thrilled to see her delivering her magic.  These two together looked so powerful – I couldn’t imagine a better couple for this concept. In my mind when something goes Beyond-Beauty then the gender bending question is nullified.  Which tells me this was a success.

When a pictures is so enthralling and captivating that you don’t care what is what and who is who – then you’ve been hijacked by the image and taken somewhere else.  I felt the same excitement when I watched Kate stomp all over everyone during her Fashion Week “Come-Back” – her mere presence erased everything around her and all you could focus on was her. Please just keep giving us more more more.

kate moss & lea t.