Lady Gaga the Columnist…

Illustration by Haku Nguyen

VMagazine has announced an exciting addition to their repertoire.  Lady Gaga is joining the magazine as a new Featured Fashion Columnist.  She will be sharing her fabulous taste/twist on all things fashion, from her unique perspective.  I can’t think of a better combo than VMag & LadyG – it’s a match made in avant-garde heaven.  Lady Gaga and VMagazine have a great history together and we all know that Ms.G is currently enjoying the title as “Mugler’s Muse”.  Lady Gaga is a prolific writer/singer, but is it also clear she has a very real passion 4 fashion.

And in Super-Creative V-Style, the Magazine held a contest to find an amazing fashion-illustrator that could capture the essense of Gaga and create an image that will run with her new column. They have chosen the top contenders and are currently running their favorites on  The above illustration by Haku Nguyen is my fave – but go check-out all the talent for yourself.  I am really excited to read Gaga’s new column.  Finally, someone is giving us a celebrity with a point-of-view that we want to hear.  FashionCOW is already a fan – even b4 reading the first article – GO GAGA!!!