Lay Back & Enjoy The Power of Pink


No matter the hot new Trend or cool new Runway Look, there is nothing like the Go2 magic of Pink. I don’t know if it’s something in the DNA or some kind of genetic predisposition, but for a girl there’s just somethin’ about the Powerful Perky Persuasion of Pink.  An innate kind of pleasure unique to this hue.  It’s the very reason I’ve built my entire brand’s logo/design on the Pink-Principle.

It goes way beyond pretty.  The Power of Pink should not be ignored.  I think it’s every girls duty to find the perfect shade of this enticing color to incorporate into her beauty routine. Whether is a soft baby pink to enhance your pout, or a bold beautiful magenta – like above – to knock people off their feet.  Don’t ignore the girlie fun you can have by adding a little Pop 2 ur life.  And it doesn’t have to be a huge commitment – 1 of my fave lipstick’s is CoverGirl’s Divine/Divine #330.