Let’s Get Rebellious with Shanay Hall


I am suffering from an identity crisis today.  I don’t know if any of you are like me – but sometimes after a family get-together (like Easter) I find myself feeling drained and let-down.  It’s impossible to completely escape the dynamics of a family system.  And while we are all required to navigate those choppy familial water with the style & grace of mature adults, it’s difficult to avoid being affected by a group of people that are all carrying pieces of your history – and bringing with them patterns from the past.

So I headed straight for “Rebellious Chic” this morning.  I’m channeling all the edgy passion that Shanay Hall brought to this delicious layout By Seth Sabal, shot exclusively for Fashion Gone Rogue. This Fashion Story is all about confidence, and provided just the right amount of transcendent power to bring-me-back.  The raw energy of art never fails to impress me.  So if you need help getting back2U this morning – Get Distracted & Get Passionate – I promise it will do the trick!!

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