My Neon Dream for Spring Beauty

Currently I am swimming in my own Obsession over Vibrant Spring Colors and leave it to to introduce the uber-cool “Beauty Photography” of Viktoria Stutz.  Her work is oozing (literally) in Color-Fantastic and Psycho-Chic Style.  I was so excited to see some of my fantasies of Neon-Explosion come2life.  I don’t just sing the praises of trendland because I dig their concepts and all the trendy art they expose to the world, I am an ardent follower/worshiper of this site because it helps me articulate my philosophy.

When I go to trendland for inspiration or as a reference guide, I often find that I am able to bring my story or vision that much closer to realization because of the variety of visual masterpieces’ they offer up to explore and enjoy.  The excitement of being introduced to an obscure new talent and the idea that I can continue to pass on their work through my work – is fulfillment personified.

Today I was met with a tasty little trendland treat in the form of…

Victoria Stutz Beauty Photography