Sexy-Tousled Hair that will Drive ’em Crazy

images by seth sabal 4 fashiongonerogue

Every girl, with shoulder length hair or longer, has a secret dream of mastering the “Just outta bed look”.  It looks effortlessly chic – but it’s all an illusion.  The goal is to look like you’ve either been rolling around all morning with your boyfriend, or after a day at the beach, your hair has artfully absorbed the elements and the end result is sexy salt-water waves. Either way the ideal is to appear sexy without trying.  And that’s where the illusion begins – because this look takes a whole lotta’ work.

Every Spring I think, “This is the year I’m going to figure out the perfect combination of product and styling technique”.  And this year my motivation is these amazing images of Shanay Hall.  This is how sexy, tousled waves are supposed to look.  There is movement and shape, with a little chaos thrown in for that edgy-chic vibe.  I am Completely Obsessed With this look, and I’m naming Shanay FC’s new Poster-Girl for Beachy-Tousled Wavy Hair.

Check-out for product list to achieve Tousled Hair, and How2 tips.

Shanay-Hall-by-Seth-Sabal3 Shanay-Hall-by-Seth-Sabal-COV Shanay-Hall-by-Seth-Sabal1 Shanay-Hall-by-Seth-Sabal Shanay-Hall-by-Seth-Sabal2 Shanay-Hall-by-Seth-Sabal4 Shanay-Hall-by-Seth-Sabal5 Shanay-Hall-by-Seth-Sabal6 Shanay-Hall-by-Seth-Sabal7 Shanay-Hall-by-Seth-Sabal9Shanay-Hall-by-Seth-Sabal8