Vogue Italia Gets Us Pumped 4 Spring With Runway Beauty Tips.

Vogue Italia’s take on “Neon Chic” is a version they’re calling Cleopatra Eyes (A video tutorial is currently up on Vogue.It).  I was instantly taken by the Mermaid Green eye-liner with a turquoise highlight.  By lining the entire under-eye area with color, but only putting it on the outer upper-eye, makes the eye pop in a really unique and sexy way.  The greens in the eye are drawn out differently because your focal point is below the iris – making your perception of color different than if you were looking straight on.

 Check-out the fab Runway-Eyes from Derek Lam’s 2011 Spring Collection.

I also found that in keeping with my current obsession with lightened brows – I am loving that they have taken it one step further and matched the brows with the gold in the hair and lips.  It takes it to another level of Cool.  The lessen here is how many ways there is to make our features pop.  Being a Blond, I can really get into a rut with my eyes/brows.  I am so concerned with being washed-out – I tend to use the same “Anastasia” medium-blond shade to frame my eyes.  I am really going to attempt to step out of my little box this Spring  – And I’m taking you with me.

Although they have gone with a more traditional application placing the bright coral on the lid.  They have added a bit of edge by lining the lid with a sharp-clean line, then winging it out/up at the outter corner or the eye.  A trick that is usually saved for the black liquid-liner.  It’s really fresh to see a wing done in a bright color.  Also Allure.com is feauturing  Derek Lam’s Makeup artist who is sharing his tips/tricks on how to get this great spring look.  I was most inspired by the fact that he achieved this amazing color by mixing  lip color with cream shadow.  Too cool!