Craig McDean’s Vogue-Spread “America the Beautiful”

There are a few days throughout the year that our collective love/pride for America can be felt with such palpable passion, it feels like we could all spontaneously break-out in song (a ‘la Glee).  And there is no day more powerful than Memorial Day, to get the Patriotic-Passions Flowing.  With this in mind, I thought Craig McDean’s “America the Beautiful” layout for the June issue of Vogue-USA (via Fashion Gone Rogue), was the perfect fashion-fit to help us celebrate some of the greatest examples of iconic American-Style.

Karlie Kloss (below) takes Bohemian-Chic and mixes it with a hint of 70’s hippi, a dash of updated layered-grunge, and gets a look that’s laid-back casual.  Next we go Space-Age Chic with the sexy Raquel Zimmerman (above).  She pulls-off an updated “Barbarella” look with High-Style effortlessness.  Mixing elements of 60’s glam, 70’s rocker, and 80’s (scuba) “Body-Glove” style, that takes us straight to Outta-This-World Fabulous.

Isabeli Fontana is modeling an updated “Western Look” (below) with this utterly chic combination of Gucci & Ralph Lauren.  Nothing typifies true Americana more than the traditional “Western-Style.”  I think we will always be drawn to these pieces because they seem to tell a story. I’m captured by the breezy-sensual quality of the middle image below – and I believe it’s something instinctual that draws me in.  Ultimately I am one with the land – and one with America, it’s not surprising that clothing that paints a portrait depicting that relationship will have deep-meaning to us.