Cameron Diaz Wins June “Cover Wars”

Cameron Diaz is taking the Summer-by-Storm and ready to fight for her piece of box-office gold.  With her new movie “Bad Teacher” set for a June 17th release, this sexy-seasoned actress knows how to play the game.  She’s got the body of a 20 year old, but she’s no novice.

Grabbing 3 June Covers (above), Cameron shows her multiple pop-culture personalities.  ElleUK (full-on fashion), Cosmopolitan (the every woman’s magazine), and the ultimate Men’s-Mag – Maxim.  This combination of covers truly captures the uniqueness of Cameron. Most actresses have to pick a lane – Bombshell or Girl-Next-Door.

It’s a rare quality that one person’s charisma can make woman love them and men drool over them.  She has always walked that line with perfection, long considered the “Sexy Tom-Boy”, she’s taken the title all the way to the bank.  Not alot of women can flaunt their body, tell a dirty-joke, and still come-off bubbly and sweet.

Cameron Diaz is a Hollywood anomoley.  Go2 to read about her experience working with her ex-boyfriend (Justin Timberlake), how she keeps her wicked body, her hopes for the future – and what it’s like dating a Super-Hunk.

Images from Maxim Layout June 2011 – Seriously Hot 4 Teacher Time