Don’t Turn Your Back on Spring Trends

This Season isn’t all about bright colors.  Punk Chic – made it’s mark on the Runway with designers like Balmain Spring 2011, and I’m lovin’ it.  These images of Anya Rubick above (via capture the spirit of this trend perfectly.  Josh Olin’s shots of Anya (from June’s Issue of Nippon Magazine) show the fabulous angst-filled passion that this trend is born-from, reflecting the rebellious spirit of this movement – and showing why were are all still drawn to updated version of these looks.

The best way to add a little Punk-Chic to your ward-robe is to start with a fabulous pair of liquid leggings, skinny black jeans, or daring “faux-leather’ rocker pants.  Then pick one statement piece – Like a custom Spring-Bomber, or a denim belted vest – and finish the look with a simple tank and ballet flats.  Then you can get a little creative with your accessories or hair-style, feel the edge and…Embrace the Freedom.