Flyin’-High with Abbey Lee Kershaw

T’s-Philosophy… Tom Munro has captured the phenomenal Abbey Lee Kershaw with these transcendent photographs that are the perfect back-drop for this Spring/Summer’s edgy vibe, providing the “New-Narrative” for a woman who follows trends, but is no follower.

We are the fashion trail-blazers – an original sect that has a Passion 4 Fashion, and the  Art & Philosophy it’s built-on.  We are unapologetic for our mutual interests – bravely mixing in-depth intellectual pursuits, with our love of Fashion/Beauty/Pop-Culture.

We can’t be boxed-in, complex and multi-faceted, we have “Earned Our Right to be Shallow.” We enjoy our obsessions but are not defined by them.  I was moved by the Avant-Garde energy of these powerful images, while feeling the underlying message of mystery & strength.  Don’t fear your own power – DON’T BE AFRAID TO FLY!!!

Abbey Lee Kershaw for Numero – By Tom Munro (via