Gucci’s Fall 2011 Beauty Drones Go for Bold-Lips

Gucci takes the baton and continues to “Run-With” one of the hottest beauty trends going right now, Super-Bold Lips with a Flawless Ethereal Face.  There have been many versions of  “Show-Stopping Lips” sent down the runway, however, what makes this season a little fresher is that the rest of the face isn’t forgotten.  In the past, designers have gone to such an extreme with the clean-face, that the bright lip tends to look cartoonish, and the rest of the face undone.

I love that the 2011 version has the eyes popping – with a smudged taupey-brown shadow around the upper/lower lid, and a similarly natural shade shaping the brows.  The face is absent severe blush – but allows a soft-swipe of matte bronzer to highlight the cheeks and bring out the bone-structure.  With a couple swipes of jet-black mascara to top it off – this look really pops – and is one we (the common folk) can copy pretty easily.

So while I wouldn’t necessarily call this a “Fresh-Face” look, I would say that going soft with the other features – while still finding ways to let them shine – is a fabulous way to play with bright-bold shades of lip color this year.  Marc Jacobs was another designer that found his pieces were best served by this trend, (while he went more avant-garde with the hair, Gucci kept it simple with a side-part and low pony-tail).  Proving how versatile this style is.  Both set of “Rockin’ Beauty-Drones” killed-it on the Runway.