I Hear the Siren Song of Chanel Calling

Chanel’s Spring 2011 Collection was a refreshing take on a Season usually marked by bright-colors/light-breezy designs.  Only the “House of Chanel” could come out with the traditional button-down tweed vests/open box-jackets (a ‘la Coco Chanel), and pair it with matching tweed Short-Shorts – and still look Super-Chic.

Their groupings of Black/White/Grey, made them stand-out in a Sea-of-Neon.  And while I’ve made no secret of my love of Neon-Chic this Spring, I was mesmerized by this color palette.  Taking these neutral tones and playing them off one-another by the layering of rich-textures/fabrics, truly made these pieces come alive.  It made me want to experiment (like-mad) with Mixing & Matching this Summer.

Another fabulous trend I’m currently Obsessed with, is the Spring/Summer Boots-Booties.  This is not the year of dainty little sandals/flip-flops, it’s all about Flat Military-Boots, Gladiator Sandals, Open-Toe Booties, and cool Cowboy Boots.  We’re throwin’ out everything we thought we knew about balance – and we are mixing heavier shoes with flowing summer-dresses/skirts/cut-off shorts.

The Key to this trend is…. Layering on Top – (Mix Little Cropped (Faux) Leather Jackets with T’s and a Statement Necklace) – Keep is simple in the middle (Jean Shorts, Floral Skirt or Skinny Cropped Pants) – Then throw on some cool Flat Boots or Military Lace-Ups, and you’ve found a great alternative to those Sheer Summer-Dress Days.  It’s all about variety.

Chanel Spring 2011 RTW