I Love the Marc Jacobs “Beauty Drones”

The most exciting part of this “Candy-Colored Collection” was the juxtaposition of the Beauty and the Clothes.  Marc Jacob’s models wore kinked-out hair with flat tops, wine-stained matte lips and kohl eye-shadow circling the entire eye – creating a deep-set illusion of madness.  These fantastic eyes were made more prominent by the designer’s choice to go with the “No Brow” trend.  When the brow is erased the face morphs something entirely different, taking on an “alien-like” effect, giving the whole group a kind of “Drone-Edge” that’s very Chic.

Marc Jacob’s Spring 2011 Designs were all about confidence.  The bright/bold Neon-Explosion that made up his Collection, were combinations of orange, purple, and yellow – scrumptiously mixed with divine Spring Accessories that brought the whole story to life.  His narrative was the story of a sassy-rebellious girl who knows who she is, but is anxious for an adventure.  This collection was all about the Details – something that Mr. Jacobs always gets right.  This is the kind of show, that in the wrong hands, could end up looking like a joke.  It’s a fine-line – and he knows how to walk it.