New Mom Kate Hudson on August 2011 Cover Marie Claire Hungary

The Marie Claire Hungary Cover-Girl for August’s 2011 Issue – Kate Hudson – is a happy new mommy to Baby-Boy Bingham.  Joining big-bro Ryder (Hudson’s first son), Bing (as he’s called), is also the son of Muse’s front-man Matt Bellamy (below) – who’s been engaged to the actess since early 2011.

The pregnant actress has had a busy month.  She recently got engaged to her baby-daddy, front man to the Band Muse (below), is starring in the up-coming movie “My Best Friend’s Girl”, and was recently seen frolicking on the beaches of Mexico for one last getaway before baby #2 makes his/her appearance.  Kate Hudson goes by her own rules.  She’s been linked to so many celebs in the last couple of years I have literally lost track.  She’s a free spirit and doesn’t fit the usual “Hollywood Princess” mold.

Coming from Hollywood Royalty, her mother Goldie Hawn is not only the spitting image of her carefree daughter, but seems to share some of her life-philosophy.  Hawn has always been a youthful ball of energy that never seems to age, and always seems up for a party.  Kate projects a similar easy going attitude, never taking herself too seriously.

Frankly I wouldn’t categorize Kate Hudson as a real Industry heavy-weight.  Her movies can be cute – but I do think she has been in a rut for the last few years.  It would be interesting to see what she is capable of as an actress as she gets further into her thirties.  Her track record from men aside, I don’t think her personal life is that captivating, so my advice would be take hold of the acting reigns and see how far she can go.  Whenever I start really questioning her legitimacy in film I go back to her Oscar winning Performance.