Lay Back and Enjoy Kate Moss, Vogue-Japan

images from fashion gone rogue

Kate Moss has devoured the fashion industry this Month, and one of her lucky victims is Vogue Japan.  Showing “Spring Haute Couture” (via FashionGoneRogue) at it’s finest, she gives us her normal dose of that Kate Mystery we love so much.  Adding just enough anguish and apathy that I find myself wishing I could be inside her head.  She literally never fails to rock my world.  I’m am just a f#&%ing MOSS-HEAD, live with it.

kate-moss-vogue-japan-may-2011-1 kate-moss-vogue-japan-may-2011-2 kate-moss-vogue-japan-may-2011-3kate-moss-vogue-japan-may-2011-cover