Kate Moss Gorgeous in Vogue Brazil

Kate Moss shot by Mario Testino 4 Vogue Brazil – images from Fashionising.com

Never have the words “Cover-Girl” been so aptly named than with May’s Multi Cover-Girl Kate Moss.  Among other magazine covers, this Model-Goddess is Featured on Vogue-Paris, Vogue-Japan, and Vogue-Brasil (left) with this high-octane cover and layout.

With the help of the Master himself Mario Testino, Kate stuns on this cover with nothing but perfectly placed tattoos, matching gold wrist-cuffs and bold Cleopatra kohl-rimmed eyes.

What is so striking about this image is that the Nakedness is almost incidental.  As they say in the biz, “She’s wearing the nude-the nude isn’t wearing her”.  It is a potent distinction.  In my recent commentary on the annual Allure Nude-Issue, I question the authenticity of those pictures.  I found them impotent and redundant.

This is pure art.  A natural and poetic image that stands for nothing but a moment captured.  And that’s the pure genious of Testino, moments for moment’s sake.  The difference can’t be articulated just felt, hence the magic.