Sarah Jessica Parker – Runway 2 Realway

At the Met Gala this week, the Star’s came to shine.  And none more the Sarah Jessica Parker.  This event is about stretching your “Couture Muscle”, and going for it.  I really appreciate the celebrities that go outside of their comfort zone and try some of the more avant-garde looks adapted from the Runway.  It’s thrilling to see the designer’s vision come to life. With just the right amount of editing, you can get the perfect “Party Version” of “Runway Hair.”

Taking a page out of the Jean Paul Gautier book of Bouffant Beauty, they found a way to capture the essence of this trend, by honoring it’s “Couture Roots”, but leaving the Beehive-Behind. Sarah’s hair stylist worked magic, finding the perfect proportions.  You can still feel the avant-garde edge – but it doesn’t overwhelm her small frame. It’s truly genius.  This is the kind of edited “Runway Hair” that will have us all desperately trying to recreate it on ourselves.

I love that they kept her makeup clean/formal.  The golden highlights they’ve added around her face add enough extra glow, allowing the eyes to be the focal point.  Kohl-lined with extra mascara for pop, her blue eyes danced against her bronzed skin and dazzling, jewel-encrusted Alexander Mcqueen Gown.  Wearing the evening’s honoree, Sarah Jessica would have made Carrie Bradshaw proud.