Sarah Jessica, When Bouffants Attack

Sarah Jessica Parker Bouffant Hair

So ladies this is what I’m talking about when I preach about the Power of Proportion, and why I believe that there are some very important steps that must be taken to pull off a successful “Runway2Realway” look.  This is a perfect example of someone thinking that they aren’t subject to the same rules as the “Common Folk.”  Sorry Jessica, your celebrity status isn’t gonna’ save you from this mess.

I can’t believe this is the same woman I just dedicated a Feature-Spotlight to for her brilliant adaptation of the “Beehive Bouffant.”  At the Met Gala she showed everyone how amazing a “Couture Look” can be, when edited properly.  She adhered to the R2R rules, and remembered to take herself into consideration.

Here Sarah’s face shape is only enhanced by the unflattering attempt at this 60’s back-comb.  Her long features look cartoonish and horsey, and the ombre’ hair, that may look hot when she rockin’ the Carrie Bradshaw Tousled Look, but here the dark roots makes the style appear overly harsh, and unforgivingly aging.  Instead of Avant-Garde Chic – it comes off more Texas-Tacky.

However, as crazy as the hair is – the dress is STUNNING!!  This beautiful blue number is from the Halston Heritage Line – and it does bring her some redemption (but not much).  This is a great lesson about control.  Just because you want something doesn’t mean you should have it.  I’m Obsessed with the flat-top hair and kinked-out ends, but I would need to exercise some resistance and not look to the Runway or Magazines for a literal reference.   Friends don’t let Friends try to be Model-Wannabees!!!