Michael Kors, Black & White & Perfect All-Over

Nothing is Chicer than Black/White during the Summer months.  I don’t know if it’s the ultimate juxtaposition to the normal image of floral prints that makes it so thrilling, but these Michael Kors slit-to-there beautiful ensembles make me want to give up color all together.

So if you’re ready to go for it, then take a page out of the Kors Fall 2011 Handbook, and get ready to bare a little skin.  He is giving us three great options here.  The extreme slit (that should only be worn by the very brave – but we could certainly find our own tamer version), the fabulous oval deep clevage cut-out (that just screams 70’s chic – but is a fun change from the straight cleveage slit), and then (left) we have the beautiful bare shoulder (my favorite – and one part of a woman’s body that is always undervalued).  Which ever group you belong to – You can’t go wrong with Black/White.