Donna Karan’s 60’s High-Bun & Pink-Pout

With pale-pink pouts and perfect high-buns, Donna Karan’s Fall 2011 Runway-Models were the epitome of fresh-faced.  She really took a chance messing with 2 trends that can be hard to pull-off.  Baby-pink can often come across as “Pepto” or “Bubblegum”, both not ideal colors for the average girl.  And then there’s the high-bun, too severe and you’ll look like a stern teacher, too literal and you’ll look like a wannabe ballerina.  But somehow this combo strikes the right balance.

What makes this version more modern is the addition of a soft eye-gloss, in a taupey bronze, swiped across the lid and nudging up to the crease.  Only add 1 pass of Mascara so it will appear as you are wearing none, and finish with a brush of powder/bronzer.  The Lips are meant to be the star – this pale-pink will pop against the brown eye, giving a hint of 60’s chic.  Then pull make sure the bun isn’t sitting on-top of your head, set it toward the back and you’ll look “Haute off the Runway.”