Giles Spring Line Comes With a Smile/Wink

Giles Signature Eye-Wear

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Just try and look at Giles 2011 Spring Line-up and not smile – go ahead – I dare ya.  It’s just one of those Collections that has some inherent joy sewn into the fabric.  This kitschy mish-mash of fun/flirty clothes have references from the 40’s-90’s, with inspiration coming from all directions (including a kooky homage to video game icon Pacman).

It’s a color & pattern explosion, that can at times feel like it’s struggling to be a cohesive collection, but ultimately wins you over with it’s ability to have fun with itself.   What Giles is really known for is his fabulous Trademark Eye-Wear.  There’s not a Celebrity in LA that wouldn’t love a pair of Sunglasses from his Spring 2011 Show – check-out the fab images (above) and I think you’ll feel the same.

I also really dug his color-palette for polka-dots.  I think it takes that retro 40’s look and makes it modern.  The subtly of the brown/pale-yellow combination takes it to a level of sophistication, and feels fresher than black/white.  So the lesson here is to take things for what they are.  On the Runway and in Real-Life.  If it’s fun and enjoyable – just be happy – don’t try to put everything in a box.  Some things are just meant to put a smile on our face.

Retro-Style 40’s Cocktail Dresses with a Modern Flare

Short Evening Dresses made with a Smile/Wink