Go for Carefree-Chic with Mulit-Layering

Another way to jump on the “Layering-Trend” this Season is to go for the updated Grunge – what I’m calling “Carefree-Chic.”  Writing this from the birthplace of Grunge (Seattle), I hesitate to even put that term out there again – but it’s a well know reference, and it makes it’s point.  When I look at Charlotte Ronson’s Spring 2011 Collection I can’t help but make the comparison to the 90’s grunge-movement.

The difference in layering approach is one of purpose.  In the previous “FC-Spotlight” I featured an entire line dedicated to the high-concept of layering.  In that version I pointed out that ‘Anne Valerie Hash’s’ pieces are all meant to elevate the others, by working in tandem toward the overall goal of a unique/light ensemble.

Ronson’s take on the trend is a cool version that is more about piling on diverse pieces that aren’t usually seen together.  Putting a denim or canvas (fishing) vest over a long feminine/floral Spring dress creates an interesting juxtaposition, and definitely brings it to an edgy level.  It’s all about pushing boundaries.

How to pull off this Look….

If you dig this look I suggest that you go for elements of the trend, rather that trying to mimic the look straight-off-the-runway.  Try wearing your lace-up military-boots with a white prairie-skirt, or long denim shorts.  I would leave the socks/caps behind (they look hot on the Catwalk, but desperate in person).  This kind of layering is suppose to look like you’ve just grabbed your boyfriends flannel shirt to throw around your waist.  Make your choices uncomplicated so the look will come across Carefree-Chic.

How to infuse some color into this trend.