New Kate Moss Adds are a Retro Dream

The new Add Campaign for Liu Jo Jeans, shows a Kate Moss that is so reminiscent of the Calvin Klein shots from back-in-the-day, I literally get a chill up my spine. The famous Klein billboard that shot this one-time unknown British model to Super-Model status, had the same pure sex-appeal as the images above. Although the 90’s campaign was an overt celebration of androgyny and innocence, that isn’t as obvious now, it’s still remarkable how Kate resemble so closely that young phenom she once was. It proves, without a shadow of a doubt, that our continuous obsession with this other-worldly beauty is well deserved. Simply put, she’s just an inspirational force. More than a chameleon, she has the ability to take the viewer to another place. All I want to do is get a hold of some wicked retro Cherokee Jeans from the 70’s, put on a little white tank and big fat Aviator Sunglasses, and dream my way into a retro Kate Fantasy.